MYFLIPPIX!  Malaysia guarantees the quality of all photo books that leave our production facility. The facility has an excellent track record for producing high quality books.

However, we know that, occasionally, things don’t work out as planned.

If you receive your photo book in a damaged condition or you believe that it is defective, please contact us via email at as soon as possible, but within 14 days from receipt. For us to properly assess the situation in a timely fashion, we ask that you:

  • Do not dispose of the packaging; and
  • Provide us with details of the order (your name and the order number that we emailed you at the outset) together with details of the damage or defect (with clear photos of the affected parts of the photo book and packaging, if it was also damaged).

Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions section here for full details of our claim policy and warranty process. MYFLIPPIX!  Malaysia’s liability for any manufacturing defects or damage is limited to a full refund or replacement of the photo book at our discretion.

If we determine the defect or damage to be manufacturing related (and it can be rectified) we will notify you within 14 days of your initial claim and ask you to return the photo book to us at our Petaling Jaya facility, and we will reprint the photo book for you at no extra cost. Otherwise our liability to you will be limited to a full refund of the price of the photo book (excluding shipping costs).

Please note that the following (for obvious reasons) are not manufacturing defects:

  • Misplaced text, typographic or grammatical errors;
  • Formatting and layout errors such as placement of pictures outside of the bleed area. In addition, a limitation of the binding process (other than for layflat books) may mean that for images that span across 2 pages, part of the image at the seam may not be visible;
  • Images which are of insufficient resolution to properly print at the size you have chosen (the photo book designer software will provide a warning if any images may not print out correctly in this regard);
  • Inherently out of focus or low quality images, pictures with poor exposure and dark; or
  • You change your mind.

We highly recommend that you use the preview and use the print proofing functions within the MYFLIPPIX! Maker software to review each page of the photo book prior to ordering. We also strongly recommend that you calibrate your working computer’s display to achieve the closest print to screen color matching.